Our mission is to record
the talented young jazz
musicians of Copenhagen

Read about our record label
and get a peak into the process
of creating an album

We are here to serve the artists, and insist on total transparency in all dealings to our published artists. Unity Rec was founded in 2016 Jonathan Bremer (Danish bassist and producer) and Rune Bech (founder of Jazzhus Montmartre).

In the true spirit of classic jazz, we insist on keeping everything in the process analogue and slow: From recording on tapes to analogue vinyl cutting.

Read on below.



  • Designed and built in Denmark from 1977
  • 24 tracks on 2″ reel-to-reel tape
  • Speed: 15 inches per second
  • Individual track width: 21,2 mm

The music is first recorded to tape in multitrack.



  • Designed in Switzerland
  • Built in England from 1970
  • 2 tracks on 1/4″ reel-to-reel tape
  • Speed: 7,5 or 15 inches per second
  • Individual track width: 31,8 mm

The music is then mixed through our vintage Soundtracs CM4400 console to 2-track tape.

The studer recorder

the tape

The music is cut and stiched by hand. The tape is edited for sequencing the songs. Side A and B are stored on separate reels.

cutting tape


After editing, the tapes are packed in aluminium foil to protect them from magnetic interference during shipping.

Last, the tapes are sent to the vinyl pressing plant.


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